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Remote Keypads and Wireless Cameras

Control your alarm and view security cameras from your phone, tablet, or laptop computer.

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A Remote Control for Your Alarm - On Your Smartphone or Tablet!

Imagine being able to arm and disarm your alarm system from the comfort of your cell phone, tablet or laptop. With Honeywell's Total Connect, you can!

See how to arm or disarm your security system in Tucson, from anywhere with Honeywell's Total Connect remote keypad by clicking on the link below.

Wireless Cameras - Viewable From Your Smartphone or Computer!

See how you can view your home or business in Tucson, with Honeywell's Total Connect wireless IP cameras - MyTotalConnect Wireless Cameras.

Look in on your home or business, check on employees, your baby, your pets, your latchkey kids and your elderly parents. No more recorder problems. We record motion activated important events and store them for you online! Signals are fully encrypted and can only be viewed by the customer! View 10 second clips on your Smartphone or computer.

Once we register the camera, you pick them up and plug them in and set your parameters on Honeywell's user-friendly website and you're done! You do not need a burglar alarm in order to have cameras.

One Wireless Access Point (WAP) is needed at each location (home, business, vacation home, etc.) you have cameras. For example, you could buy 1 WAP and 2 cameras for your home. You could also buy 1 WAP and 2 cameras for your business, and the same setup for your vacation home or elderly parents.


Wireless Access Point - WAP

Plugs into Wireless Router's Open Port

Stationary Honeywell Camera

Color, No Audio, No Lighting

Pan and Tilt Honeywell Camera

Color, No Audio, LED Lighting

ZWave Honeywell Thermostat


ZWave Doorlocks


Camera Requirements

You must have a wireless network router (with an open port). For computer viewing you must have Internet Explorer, Apple Quicktime and Adobe Flash Player. For Smartphone viewing you must download and install the free Honeywell Total Connect App.


These cameras and the Honeywell Total Connect website are fully encrypted and can only be viewed by the client and by users set up by the client.


Cameras are covered by a one year factory warranty. Young Alarm will ship your camera to Honeywell for repair should it fail to work. All cameras are fragile and can break if dropped. Please handle your cameras with care!

Learn more about Honeywell Total Connect wireless cameras by clicking on the link below: