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Three Mistakes People Make When Buying a Burglar Alarm System

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1. They sign long-term, one-way contracts.

Some Companies make you sign two or three year contracts and only include a 90 day warranty on parts. If they give you a bad installation and the alarm breaks, you pay. If they provide poor service, you pay. If they raise your rates, you pay. You are stuck for two or three long years before they will allow you to leave.

When you buy an alarm from Young Alarm, you get a 100% parts and labor warranty for the first year. After that, our monitoring contracts are month to month and include repairs (subject to a $25 trip charge). Good local service and great prices have kept us in business for over 25 years.

2. They don't get guard response.

Law enforcement agencies do not respond to 100% of alarm dispatches, in fact, some dispatch rates have been as low as 30% with two hour response times! Police also require you to meet them on site. This is especially difficult when you're on vactaion or when your business alarm goes off at 3 AM. When the police do respond, you could be fined as much as $250!

At Young Alarm, our guards usually respond in 30 minutes or less! You get two free responses per year. Additional responses are billed at $38.75 each. You do not have to meet them, and they leave a report. If there is an emergency, the appropriate authorities will be called.

3. They pay for repairs.

With other alarm companies, a broken keypad can cost you $120, a broken motion detector - $120, a broken alarm panel - $250.

With Young Alarm's repair service, which is already included in your monthly monitoring, you just pay a $25 trip charge for any repairs!